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Rendering Judgment

First PrizeMost start-up events announce a “winner” at the end.

I enjoy participating in these events as a teacher and a coach, but I politely decline offers to serve as a judge. I do understand the need for pageantry, and I agree these events would feel kind of unfinished without awards at the end.

In reality, however, it is the marketplace that will determine which team will win. My opinion and the opinions of the judges mean very little.

Dream Small

Driverless CarEveryone loves Google’s driverless car. However, I think the killer app for the driverless car is not commuting or freeway driving. It’s simple parking. I want my car to drop me off at the mall, go park itself somewhere, and then come get me when I summon it from my mobile phone.

Driving is fun, but I would love to leave parking up to my car.