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We Never Really Grow Up

We Never Grow UpI attended several Tokyo developers meetups last month. I go to as many of these events as my wife and liver will permit. Talking candidly with developers founders over drinks is endlessly fascinating. I almost always learn something new.

Naturally, I bring Engine Yard stickers to these events to hand them out to anyone who wants them.  Last month we had just designed a very cute logo sticker in the shape of a train, and the attendees were so enthusiastic about them that I completely ran out after 20 minutes. At thee same event, another company had brought small candies that were imprinted with their company logo. These were also received with great excitement and quickly ran out.

It suddenly stuck me as odd. This room was filled with some incredibly smart people, most in their 20s and 30s, and some in their 50s. And all of them were very excited and happy to be receiving free stickers and candy. We really haven’t changed all that much since kindergarten.